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Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass™ POLAVIEW™ - The Polarizer Checker
Our Price: $89.95
Our Price: $84.99
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The Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass™ is an essential "Tool of the Trade" for professional set lighting. It is designed to allow you to locate the center of your key light or "hot spot" to accurately determine where to position lighting to achieve optimum coverage. By holding the Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass™ up to one eye while standing no less than 10 ft away from the source of the light, you can look through the Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass™ into your key light while your assistant focuses the light to your liking. This will give you a precise pattern for where your light will be thrown, it also gives you an idea of drop off and voids. "The Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass™ is also used to check the condition of light filament, and to locate the sun when it is behind clouds. The Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass™ is not designed to look directly at the sun. Use it only to locate the sun through clouds."

The Blue Ring Gaffer's Glass™ features 6061 aluminum with anodized finish, glass has a 3.8 density with UV inhibitor, and a 36" lanyard to be conveniently worn around the neck. This tool is a must have for all Gaffer's and DP's Worldwide

Kit includes: filter lens, filter holder, lanyard, manual and storage box.
POLAVIEW™- The Polarizer Checker duplicates the polarizing effects of your camera's polarizing filters. Avoid cleaning finger prints & smudges from the camera's polarizing filters by previewing the shot through the POLAVIEW™.


* 1.5" Diameter Clear Cell Cast Acrylic Circular Polarizing Filter.

* Clear Anodized Coating on a precisioned machined filter holder.

* 1.1oz. total in weight (including filter).
The Pocket Mini 11x Director's Viewfinder
Our Price: $229.00
This is a larger, easier to handle version of the original mini finder at a budget price. The Pocket Mini Viewfinder includes many of the features found in the more expensive viewfinders.
Telescopes from 2 1/2" to 3 1/2"

Aspect Ratio:
TV, 35, 16, 1.66, 16:9, 1:85, 2.35, & 2.55

1/3" Chip Range:
3.9mm - 44mm

1/2" Chip Range:
5.2mm - 58mm

2/3" Chip Range
7.2mm - 80mm

S16 Range:
10mm - 114mm

35mm Range:
18mm - 200mm

Anamorphic Range:
35mm - 400mm

Kit Includes:
Lanyard, lens cap, pouch, lens cloth, & small box

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